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Cast Cover Fashions' Resource Guide - PICC lines, casts, and healing

  • How do you cover up a Cast? A Cast Cover Fashions' Resource Guide

     If you are visiting this page it’s probably because you or someone you know has gotten or is about to get a cast. In no time at all, that ugly plain white arm cast or leg cast is no longer clean, is scratching your clothes and skin, and is damaging your furniture.  And besides that, it’s limiting your ability to do those jobs around the house for fear of getting your cast even dirtier. The solution? Cover up your cast.  READ MORE  . . . 


  • Welcome to Cast Cover Fashions' Resource Guide - Get the scoop on all things fashion, style, and healing!

    You’ll be runway ready with our unique collection of fashionable covers for your cast, brace, splint, walking boot, or PICC line. With over 50+ original designs in the collection, you’re certain to find that special look for any day or any event at a price you’ll love.   Our collection continues to expand each season, so be sure to check back often to see the latest fashion trends and turn healing time into some fashion fun!
  • What is a PICC line? A PICC Line Resource Guide

    Are you or do you know someone you know has gotten or is about to get a PICC line?  We’ve been there, too.  Having sourced and gathered answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PICC lines, we present them here for you, all in one convenient place.

    Please feel free to share this PICC Line Resource page.  We at Cast Cover Fashions, wish you all the best during your treatments!! Remember, always talk to you doctor, nurse, or health professional for more information on specific ways to care for and protect your PICC line. READ MORE >>>>