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Cast Cover Fashions  -  A Pioneer in decorative, designer Cast Covers and PICC Line Covers since 2004


It started out with just a young little child that was not happy with a scratchy, dirty, plain white cast. Little did we know we were about to come up with a ground breaking idea.

Our founder’s young child was quite disappointed when the doctor, trying to be funny, offered to cast a broken arm in one of two colors -- “white or off-white”' -- sighting the higher cost of more colorful castings.  Well, as you probably guessed, after just one day that white cast was no longer clean, the rough/sharp edges of the fiberglass were scratching skin, snagging clothes, and damaging furniture, and not to mention,  just how melancholy that cast made the child feel.

 That's when the idea to design a soft, fabric cast cover that was not only fun and fashionable to wear, but could also be easily removed for laundering was born. What fun being able to change these colorful cast cover accessories each day, to match an outfit or a mood! Countless compliments (including lots of ‘aaahs’ and ‘wows’),  and encouragement from families and friends, led us to bring Fashions for Casts TM cast covers to the marketplace.


Live and Learn, then Innovate - Established in 2004, is a member of the The Learning Loft, LLC family.  We are a privately held, women-owned business that was formed to bring innovative, problem-solving products to market. Our initial patented product was Workbook Window TM - a reusable educational writing toy that turns any workbook into a dry-erase practice book.

Our founder pioneered the notion of designing a fashionable, fabric sleeve to conceal a fiberglass cast and introduced the first of it’s kind; a complete line of Fashions For Casts TM . Little did we know then, that when our original Collection was launched, it would lay the groundwork for what is known today as a ‘cast cover’ in the orthopedic soft goods industry.  

Shortly thereafter, we began fashioning custom picc line covers for our customers at their request.  Once perfected, the complete PICC Cover Fashions TM line of standard sized picc line sleeves officially debuted.  The expanded use of rich colors, textures, and patterns, set the stage for PICC Cover Fashions TM picc line covers to become the largest and most fashionably diverse collection of picc line covers available in the world.

In the Summer of 2012, Robin Roberts wore many of our PICC Cover Fashions TM on Good Morning America  and graciously favored us on Twitter and Facebook as many viewers took notice. We are honored that a personal reflection and photograph of Ms. Roberts wearing our picc line sleeve in ‘Leopard’ was captured in her book, Everybody’s Got Something --  a true testament to the positive impact our trend-setting medical sleeves can bring.

 Since then, we have had the privilege of many other celebrities donning  our arm cast covers, leg cast covers, brace covers and picc line covers, making Cast Cover Fashions TM the brand worn most often by celebrities. Check out Our Favorite Social Media Shout-Outs to see what they had to say!

Cast Cover Fashions TM continues to lead the industry with designer-quality fashionable covers and products that ‘Turn Healing time into Some Fashion Fun”. Our line now includes over 80+ trend setting designs in several styles;  Fashions for Casts, Brace Cover Fashions, Boot Cover Fashions, PICC Cover Fashions, and Face Cover Fashions, with additional ‘fashion RX’ products currently under development.


Having faced many of the same health challenges as our customers, we are compassionately dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We promise to do our best to give you fast, friendly service, to process and pack your order with personal care, and to answer any questions you may have in a professional manner.


"In her book, Everybody’s Got Something, Robin Roberts shares her experience, her thoughts, and her appreciation for our PICC Cover Fashions: sparkly, black lace, leopard print, neutral, and jewel tones  -- she wore them all 

Roberts not only describes how much she appreciated the covers but, more importantly, just how strong the covers made her feel during a time of challenging health.  We have heard that same sentiment many times from our customers. It’s not just about wearing a fashionable medical cover, but for many people, it’s about feeling good, strong, and confident.  

We are honored to be a part of your healing process and to help do our part in lifting spirits, be it one cover at time.”     ---  Cast Cover Fashions 

Now the #1 Brand Worn Most Often by Celebrities !