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PICC Line Covers - Multi Pack Basic Collection

PICC Cover Fashions
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This Multi Pack includes a set of 3 PICC line Covers ! 

BUY MORE AND SAVE on basic PICC line covers at the best price! This Basic Collection  features a package of 3 picc line covers in standard sizes for men, women, and children.  Each Basic Collection will provide bicep coverage and includes 3 different colors per set.  No more worries about running out of clean picc line covers!  

Each soft, comfy picc line cover is designed to conceal a PICC line located on the bicep. Simply slip the stretchable sleeve up onto your arm and position in place.    From everyday basics to the latest trends, a PICC Cover Fashions TM picc line cover will turn healing time into some fashion fun.  


  •    Bicep Coverage   
  •    Conceals PICC line, OmniPod, or Medical Device
  •    Package includes 3 PICC line covers in variety of colors 
  •    Choose from  XS, S, M, L, XL in Child or Adult sizes
  •    Made in the USA
  •    Hand Wash Cold Water.  Dry Flat.



SIZE CHART  (FOR BICEP STYLE):   Measure snugly (but not too tight) around the circumference of the arm bicep,  about half way between the elbow and the shoulder.  Use a fabric tape measure for best results.  



ATTENTION :  This is a decorative cover only.  This picc line cover is not intended to replace a bandage, dressing, or any other medical covering.  It should only be worn over such protective dressings as a fashion accessory.

 Note: Fabric photos are enlarged to show detail. Actual colors may vary slightly due to your viewing device. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions regarding fabrics', colors, patterns, or textures.